Estb.  2016
Exquisite Evening Bags
Sanetti evening bags are uniquely created using the finest ethically sourced materials including but not limited to Swarovski crystals, snake skin, high grade leathe r and polished enamel.
Influenced by European glamour and inspired by Oriental opulence, each collection offers something for every woman.
The “Artisan” collection is a delicate and bejeweled balance of crystals and enamels while the “Solitaire” range has each bag encrusted with a multitude of stunning crystals which will dazzle the senses. The “Eminence” collection comprises of luscious satin bags featuring stunning crystal centerpieces and the “Allure” collection is all about contemporary chic with a twist, contrasting sparkling Swarovski crystals with embossed leather. The “Filigree” collection is true to its name encompassing a beautiful mesh of hand embroideries with crystals and thread work. Our “Celestial” collection makes excellent use of textured lace and fabric while our “Serpentine” collection uses brilliantly dyed snake skins to present a product that is truly unique. Last but not least, inspired by the classic “Black Beauty”, our “Equestrian” collection of horse hair bags showcases a stunning collection of abstracts and animal prints.
Classic designs harmoniously blended in a stunning range of colors, each Sanetti handbag is individually crafted with utmost care and dedication to create an iconic masterpiece that can truly reflect any individual’s style and beauty.