How is Sanetti making clutches a fashion statement?

Sanetti prides itself on our unique approach to our products. We only use ethically sourced materials and each of our bags, no matter how intricate, is handmade, ensuring products are finished to a high standard. Additionally, each of our clutches can be customized, allowing customers to change the material or colors that make up their bag.

Whilst clutches nowadays have come a long way from their formalwear origins and can vary from tiny to oversized, plain or neon, Sanetti embraces the traditional elements of the clutch bag history: each of our bags is small and can be paired with formal wear or dressed down in homage to the clutch’s classic background.

The Sanetti World

The ‘Sanetti World’ is made up of our extensive range of clutches, from our Allure to our Filigree collection and beyond! Each of our collections embraces a different style and vibe. When looking at each collection as part of a greater whole, the Sanetti World represents the modern woman: sophisticated, playful, chic and classy.

Types of Clutches

All of our clutches come with a detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to carry our bags as a clutch or as a cross-body bag. Sanetti’s collection embraces different elements of a woman’s femininity. Our Artisan collection, for examples, is one of our most intricate lines, sprinkled with Swarovski crystals, while our Synthetic collection embodies our fun side with bold colors and lively designs.

Evolution of Clutches around the World

Up until recently, clutches have been viewed as glamorous bags for evening occasions. However, trends have developed and it is not uncommon to see clutches of all shapes and sizes being carried during day or night. Clutches are now seen as a staple in any woman’s collection and can be paired with outfits as simple as jeans and a t-shirt or with elegant ball gowns due to their no-frills, strapless design.

Clutches are no longer viewed as formal wear either, with brightly colored and oversized clutches being spotted on the streets daily. While the general trends in clutches have changed, Sanetti prides itself on its mix of classic and contemporary collections which pay tribute to both the modern and archetypal styles of clutch bags.