Here at Sanetti we pride ourselves on our unique approach to our products. We only use ethically sourced materials and each of our bags, no matter how intricate, is handmade, ensuring our products are finished to the highest standard. Additionally, each of our clutches can be customized, allowing our customers to change the colors, words, names or initials that make up their bag.


The ‘Sanetti World’ is made up of our extensive range of clutches. Each of our bags embrace a different style and vibe and they represent the modern woman: sophisticated, playful, chic and classy. There is something here for everyone!


Up until recently, clutches have generally been viewed as glamorous bags for evening occasions. However, trends have developed and it is not uncommon to see clutches of all shapes and sizes being carried and used for all types of occasions. With brightly colored and oversized clutches being spotted on the streets daily, we can see these changes happening in front of us right now. Clutches are now a staple in any woman’s collection and can be paired with outfits as simple as jeans and a t-shirt or with elegant ball gowns. The possibilities are endless.

While the general trend in clutches has changed, Sanetti prides itself on its mix of classic and contemporary collections which pay tribute to both the modern and archetypal styles of clutch bags.

Here at Sanetti, we look at our clutches as more than just another bag. Our customizable monogram bags give you a platform to create YOUR own unique look which allows you to truly stand out from the crowd! I hope you enjoy the experience as much as we’ve loved coming up with this idea and making it a reality for all to experience. Welcome to Sanetti World! – Komal M

Komal M.

Komal M.

Head Designer & CEO